About Ecocert ICO

ECOCERT is the number one inspection and certification body for sustainable development worldwide.

Our principal activity consists in an inspection, in the field, of the respects of a sustainable development standard's demands. Ecocert has specialized in the certification of organic agricultural products and has diversified its range of services to include organic and natural cosmetics, ecoproducts, fair trade, green spaces, etc.

US operations currently certified by Ecocert ICO 

In 2010, Ecocert Inc. continued to develop its activities in the USA by acquiring Indiana Certified Organic LLC, a local certifier created in 1995 that was one of the first certification agency to be accredited by the National Organic Program. The newly created company was called Ecocert ICO and is now certifying over 580 NOP operations across the whole US territory, thanks to both its local footing and worldwide experience.  

For over 25 years, ECOCERT has been an independent company that has remained faithful to its convictions.

Consistent with its commitment to organic farming, ECOCERT has opted to put its technical expertise to use in supporting the environment, developing its own specifications for the inspection and certification of products, systems and services. By defining strict requirements that meet consumer expectations, We encourages economic stakeholders to adopt responsible practices.

Why Chose Ecocert ICO

  • A well-known certification body present in more than 130 countries.
  • A recognized company amongst professionals (producers, processors, importers…) and consumers.
  • A dedicated team of over 900 employees worldwide.
  • A credible certification on the organic market for a reasonable price.
  • A client-centered service. Our objective is to have satisfied clients.
  • An experienced staff both in the field and at the office.


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