Ecological and recycled textiles

Ecocert proposes a new standard dedicated to eco-textiles based on natural fibres, fibres  coming from renewable or recycled materials. This standard sets strong specifications, particularly concerning the environmental and social aspects, encouraging the use of natural fibres or fibres coming from recycled or renewable materials, and ensuring the use of environmentally friendly processes throughout the whole production chain.

Main requirements of Ecological & recycled textiles standard :

1. Protect our planet and its resources

  • Using at least 70% of fibres such as natural fibres, fibres coming from renewable or recycled materials
  • Defining an environmental policy requiring water and energy savings
  • Using dyes, textiles and manufacturing processes that respect the environment and the health of consumers
  • Keeping with the main international conventions on social, health and safety and working conditions.

2. Protect and inform end-consumers

  • By providing clear information about the nature of the fibre contents of the product
  • By prohibiting the use of hazardous substances (e.g. heavy metals, carcinogenic amines, formaldehydes, GMO enzymes…)
  • By prohibiting claims that may mislead the end-consumer

3. Monitor the compliance with the standard

  • Control of raw materials

  • Annual audit of all production sites, packaging and distributing operations

Ecocert offers you to extend your certification by developing complementary approaches :

  • Natural Dyeing:
    The Ecological & recycled textiles standard allows to promote the use of dyeing and printing methods based on natural dyes and pigments. The words “natural and ecological dyeing” could be displayed on the labels.

  • Environmental labelling:
    Ecocert proposes solutions for the calculation of the environmental impact of your textile products and for the implementation of environmental labeling. This provides the end‑consumers with additional information to guide their purchases.
  • If you wish to be certified or want to know more about our offer, please contact us.