Organic Certification Programs

National Organic Program (NOP) certification



If you want to get certified, please contact us





If you are interested in or working toward becoming organic, you can also apply in the meantime to the Transitional certification.



Finally click the following links if you wish to get more information about the United States National Organic Program and the certification process to become a certified organic operation !

International certifications (EU, JAS...) and Import/Export

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Ecocert ICO is part of a global group that works all over the world and has built a strong expertise in organic certification internationally. You can learn more about :

European Union Organic Regulations (EC) by Ecocert SA

- The Japan Agricultural Standards (JAS) by Ecocert Japan

 If you are interested in being certified for an international standard such as these two, please contact us, we can help you import/export your organic products !

We also work with private standards (Bio-Suisse and Natureland) and other national regulations (China, India, South Korea, Brazil...).