Our commitments

The Group plans to strengthen its commitment by setting ambitious targets annually to reduce its environmental impact. ECOCERT also encourages the recognition of responsible practices in the areas of cosmetics, textiles, green spaces, etc. ECOCERT is committed to promoting environmentally and socially responsible activities.

Responsible purchasing policy

ECOCERT's choice of service providers and suppliers is, in most cases, based on ecological and community criteria, e.g. recycled paper, ISO 14001 certified printers, selection of organic products for in-house and external events, green electricity suppliers, environmentally friendly cleaning products, etc.

Communication and CO2

Communication materials are selected on the basis of on their environmental impact. For example, the stands used at trade fairs are carbon neutral through involvement in the Yann Arthus Bertrand Foundation's carbon off-set programme.

Waste sorting to benefit non-profit organisations

In 2009, ECOCERT decided to reorganize waste sorting for recycling at its head office by making use of the services of the company "Easytri". Ink cartridges and toners are recycled to benefit the French League against Cancer; batteries and plastic caps and stoppers to benefit the association Bouchons d'Amour (collection and recycling of plastic bottle caps for the disabled and children in Madagascar).

Network of approved sustainable development representatives in the Group's subsidiaries

This network was set up in 2009 to aid the smooth running of the Group's carbon assessment. Each subsidiary has a local approved representative tasked with implementing environmental measures approved by head office. These representatives accordingly apply and coordinate the Group's sustainable development policy.

Completion of a carbon assessment, with two objectives

Carbon reduction
ECOCERT planned to reduce its CO2 emissions and is taking steps in-house to focus staff on this objective:
- Encouraging employees to use alternative modes of transport (car-sharing, train, eco-driving guide, etc.).
- Regular in-house information on environmentally friendly measures that can be taken.
- Monitoring of emissions related to business travel.

Carbon off-setting
To offset some of its emissions, ECOCERT has built a partnership with a French non-profit organization "Arbre et Paysage 32", which acts in support of agroforestry and especially hedgerows. ECOCERT has undertaken to offset 40% of its French emissions, which equates to the planting of about 1,000 agroforestry trees. Some fifty employees from Ecocert head office stayed on a farm a few miles from head office, to plant about 800 trees. In total, 459 tonnes of CO2 will eventually be stored.

A few examples of steps taken within the subsidiaries

ECOCERT Canada has put a program in place to refund employees a portion of public transport costs. A daily allowance is allocated to staff using public transport to travel to the office.


ECOCERT India organizes a volunteer day once a month at an organic farm in the region to help with daily work. The aim is to make employees aware of the difficulties of agricultural work, to keep a connection to the land and share a friendly day out of the office