Sales benefits of becoming a certified organic producer

An ever-growing market in the states and worldwide

Consumer demand for organic has grown by double-digits nearly every year since the 1990s. Most impressively,  organic sales have increased from $3.6 billion in 1997 to $43.3 billion in 2015.


To-date, the industry has shown continuous and steady growth with a 10.8 percent growth rate in 2015, well above that of the overall food market at 3.3 percent. Research shows that organic creates economic growth, reduces poverty levels, and should be seen as a key tool for stimulating rural economic development and country.


Globally, retail sales of organic food and drink reached 80 billions US dollars in 2014, which is a growth of over 45% compared to 2009 and 175% compared to 2004 !


Source : Organic Trade Association and Organic Monitor