Amid all the hype and confusion surrounding consumer safety and "greenwashing", having the Ecocert seal on our products provides our customers with the assurance that they can trust our products to be environmentally sound and safe.  As a company dedicated to sustainability, Ecocert gives us the confidence that our products are meeting the highest standard at every level, from our ingredients, to our packaging”.

Katharine L’Heureux, Founder Kahina Giving Beauty

"At COOLA Suncare, we love organic products. When we set out to make a high-end line of pre+post suncare products, we wanted a certification seal that not only exceeded our customers’ expectations, but one that also instilled confidence that these were the best products available. There is no better organic seal than Ecocert."

COOLA Suncare


“To be certified by ECOCERT is one of the best decision I ever made for my business. It not only adds creditability to my brand but also makes us feel proud of what we do. Being certified is also make your products stand out from non-certified products, which give you a good edge on the market. Plus, the staff from ECOCERT are very helpful and nice. It makes the whole process very easy and nice! "

Yseisha 約蕾


“Thank you so much for your fast reply! That kind of service is almost never heard of!!!!  You are fantastic!! Thanks again for your amazing service!”

M.V, Farmer Direct Foods

I have always been happy with ICO, it seems even better now as Ecocert ICO, but I didn’t have a complaint before.Thanks for your help."

Stafford County Flour Mill, KS


Great Inspection!"

Berning Organics, Inc., KS


"When I had a problem with a neighbor complaint, I was very impressed at how quickly Ecocert ICO resolved the problem. Inspector was very knowledgeable."

Darryle Murrock, Murrock Farms, NY

"We have been extremely satisfied with Ecocert ICO."

Fizzle Flat Farm, IL